The Ohio Statehouse Museum

Designed by Arthur Ivone in 1930, the Ohio World War Memorial honors American soldiers—known as Doughboys—who served in World War I. The monument is located near the front entrance to the Statehouse on the west, High Street side.

World War Memorial

The inscription on the monument reads:

Ohio World War Memorial


To justice in war and lasting peace after victory.

To the Armed Forces of the United States “with the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them.”

To the women of America in the World War. They served nobly in a just cause.

Authorized by an Act of the 88th General Assembly of Ohio. Myers Y. Cooper, Governor. Dedicated November 22, 1930.—Commission: Chas. W. Montgomery, Miss Pauline F. Abrams, Arthur W. Reynolds, Horace S. Keifer, Gilson D. Light, R.G. Ingersoll.