The Ohio Statehouse Museum

The center room in the Ohio Statehouse is the Rotunda. In the top of the dome, a glass skylight is 120 feet above the marble floor. The center of the skylight shows the 1847 version of the Great Seal of the State of Ohio. The room is painted the same historical colors as it was in 1861, when the Staehouse was completed. The floor is composed of 4,957 peices of marble and is 64'5" in diameter.

The Rotunda

The Rotunda is one of the most remarkable spaces in the Statehouse. Stretching 120 feet from the floor to the skylight, the Rotunda is filled with 12 different colors and distributes light to other areas of the building.

The Rotunda skylight is 67 feet lower than the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

The crown jewel in the Rotunda's dome is its 29-foot-wide skylight. The center circle of the skylight is a hand-painted Great Seal of Ohio, a reproduction of the Seal that was in use in 1861 when the Rotunda was completed. The restoration of this skylight was funded by schoolchildren across the state in a penny-collection campaign, spearheaded by Bob Evans Farms.

The seal in the dome, which is 2'8" in diameter, is slightly different than the seal in use today. You'll notice this seal not only has the mountains, a sheaf of wheat and a bundle of arrows, but it also includes a canal boat in the foreground. The canals were an important mode of transportation at the time this seal was designed (circa 1847). The seal has changed multiple times in the course of Ohio's history.

The floor of the Rotunda consists of nearly 5,000 pieces of hand-cut marble from around the world. The salmon stones are from Portugal; the black and green marble is from Vermont; and the white marble is from Italy.