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Capitol Square Foundation’s “Great Ohioan” Award

In 2003, the Capitol Square Foundation launched the “Great Ohioan” Award to commemorate the significant role of Ohioans in an event or series of events of lasting significance in World, American or Ohio history. The foundation’s first honoree for this award is a group of individuals which commemorate Ohio’s role in the birth and development of aviation: the Wright Brothers, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. It is fitting these Ohioans were honored in 2003, Ohio’s bicentennial celebration as well as the 100th anniversary of powered flight. The foundation hosted a special dinner to pay tribute to these aviation pioneers and celebrated how they have changed our world in so many ways.

Award Criteria

Award Goal: To commemorate the significant role of Ohioans in an event or series of events of lasting significance in World, American or Ohio history through the awarding of the Capitol Square Foundation’s “Great Ohioan” Award.

Honoree Criteria: Must be an individual Ohioan or group of Ohioans who have made a significant or lasting contribution to the World, American or Ohio history; and

Must have been born in Ohio or lived in Ohio for a minimum of five years; and

At least 25 years have passed since the event, in which the nominee participated, is being commemorated; and

There is a compelling reason why the Ohio Statehouse, rather than some other location in the state, should be the location of the award or commemorative work.

Nomination Process: The Capitol Square Foundation Great Ohioans Committee will select two nominees from each category to submit to the full Board for approval. The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, the oversight body for the Ohio Statehouse, will select the final award winners with a majority vote. The Great Ohioan Award recipients will be announced and recognized in 2019.
Past Award Inductees: 2003: The Wright Brothers, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong; 2008: Jesse Owens, Thomas Edison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Thurber, Colonel Charles Young, Dr. George Crile; 2009: Catherine Nelson Black, Salmon P. Chase, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Charles F. Kettering, Eddie Rickenbacker, Denton T. “Cy” Young; 2010: James Cox, Florence Ellinwood Allen, Bob Feller, Bill Willis; 2011: Ulysses S. Grant, William Moore McCulloch, William Howard Taft, Harriet Taylor Upton; 2012: Albert B Graham, Albert Sabin, Don Gentile, Florence Ellinwood Allen, Gordon Battelle, Washington Gladden, William T Sherman; 2013: Granville Woods, James Garfield, Paul Brown; 2014: Geraldine (Jerrie) Mock, Annie Oakley; 2015: General Rufus Putnam, Agnes Meyer Driscoll; 2016: Jack Nichlaus, John D. Rockefeller, Potter Stewart; 2017: Virginia Hamilton, William McKinley.

Rutherford B. Hayes

William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy

Virginia Esther Hamilton

William McKinley

Jack Nichlaus

John D. Rockefeller
Potter Stewart

General Rufus Putnam

Agnes Meyer Driscoll

Geraldine (Jerrie) Mock

Annie Oakley

Granville Woods
James Garfield
Paul Brown

Albert B Graham

Albert Sabin

Don Gentile

Florence Ellinwood Allen

Gordon Battelle

Washington Gladden

William T Sherman

Ulysses S. Grant

William Moore McCulloch

William Howard Taft

Harriet Taylor Upton


James Cox

Florence Ellinwood Allen

Bob Feller

Bill Willis


Catherine Nelson Black

Salmon P. Chase

Paul Laurence Dunbar

Charles F. Kettering

Eddie Rickenbacker

Denton T. "Cy" Young


Jesse Owens

Thomas Edison

Harriet Beecher Stowe

James Thurber

Colonel Charles Young

Dr. George Crile


The Wright Brothers

John Glenn

Neil Armstrong

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